The only solution for a client owned single source of truth for Commercial Real Estate 

Accessible Ecosystem.

We help REIT's (Real Estate Investment Trust) and Property Portfolio Owners create a single source of truth. Having faith in data sources means property professionals can always be sure that they can see the big picture and make strategic decisions.

It is your data, you should manage it within your own 365 environment. 

Data ownership is paramount to effective property investment. The influx of Big Data has led to landlords having a mass of data stored only on 3rd party servers. This silo approach creates security risk and prevents true cross business intelligence.

Tried and Tested

Our ADAMM & Co. suite has been organically developed and tested within the Australian market over 5 years. The product has been implemented on more than $25bn of Australian real estate. Clients have integrated the suite as an IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management System) into the management and expenditure forecasting of their property portfolios.

Providing Office 365 based Apps and Advisory with our sister company Building-Performance  since 2015

Key Clients utilizing Build-Apps

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