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About us

We firmly believe that building performance data accessibility and independence is essential and as such advise all our clients to centralize their built environment data in a way that is organised and accessible on their own servers. For too long, SAS (Software as a Service) has led to the operational data of buildings being stored on external, fragmented and inaccessible platforms making portfolio owners reliant on service contractors to manage their data for them.


Build-Apps is uniquely placed to provide application solutions for the built environment within the 365 Microsoft environment. Our dedicated team of solution architects, software developers and real estate professionals are here to enable on-boarding of specific building performance data of your property portfolio for you.

Our team works closely with our sister company Building-Performance to create and evolve the Build-Apps bespoke suite of tools to meet the needs and demands of an ever-changing digital environment. We are also here to assist our clients both in the implementation and operational use of our apps through further customization and ongoing technical support.

Working closely with our existing clients, many of whom manage billion and even trillion-dollar real estate investment trust or portfolio funds, we are constantly innovating to help maximize the performance data of buildings via the much under-used power of Microsoft 365.

The Microsoft Power Platform enables a unilateral data and security exchange within a single Microsoft 365 license and environment. This puts the data control and integrity in the hands of the property owners. Using Power BI for analytics and business intelligence helps unlock a plethora of insights which allow key business details to made with full knowledge of the building performance capacity now and in the future.


Our Executive and advisory board is supported by both our core development team and our extensive pool of freelancer developers

Portfolio Single Source of Truth.