Smart Portfolio Enablement
At Build-Apps we create safe, secure and and client owned data processes to facilitate and enable rapid digital transformation.
From the new build billion dollar shopping center to a minor industrial holding our apps assist in ensuring  ensure your entire portfolio can become truly smart. 
The Build-Apps team are continuously layering in the advancements in technology across all of our apps. Our R&D team are at the cutting edge and our unique partnership with Microsoft gives us early access to test drive the worlds most advanced information technology developments.
Our Apps can be enabled perceives there environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of successfully achieving its goals

Transform on your terms

Simplify AI adoption with intuitive interfaces, detailed guidance, and our apps integrate seamlessly together for a streamlined experience.

Remove business silos

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers and organisation by unifying relationships, processes, and data across apps.


Get in-depth insights

Make each touchpoint more relevant and responsive with proactive, data-driven insights into customer needs and behaviours.

Adapt to your needs
Easily adjust AI functionality for greater agility and faster adaptation to your market and customers

Artificial Intelligence

Our apps can use algorithms to improve automatically through experience. They can make predictions  without being explicitly programmed to do so.

State-of-the-art fairness and model interpretability

We have built responsible AI solutions, with enhanced security and cost management for advanced governance and control to allow machine learning controls by you.


Deep Pipeline for Lifecycle improvement

We use ML pipelines to build repeatable workflows, and use a rich model registry to track your portfolio assets and data. 

Create your own ML models

We can help your internal teams accelerate model creation with the automated machine learning UI, and access built-in feature engineering, algorithm selection and hyperparameter sweeping to develop highly accurate models.

Machine Learning 

Our apps enable management of digital representations of physical and functional characteristics

Multi faceted interoperability 

Our app stack has been configured to automatically digest the common BIM in design protocols enabling two way data exchange even from the concept stage.

Continuous BIM transformation 

Enabling front end BIM users to see the big picture and data outcomes creates a continual loop of improvement of improvement particularly with those with developments in their portfolios.

Data Centric

Our Motto is the I (information) before the M (Model). Information is the critical aspect not the pretty modelling capabilities our focus is data management we simply enable backwards capabilities to  any visualization tool requested.

Building Information Modelling

Our apps help create replicas of physical devices that your data scientists and IT pros can use to run simulations before actual CapEx and OpEx oultays.

Data Code Agnostic 

Our apps can work with internal and external  information received from heterogeneous databases, i.e. databases with dissimilar data formats

Preventive Focused   

having a single source of truth enables you to avert problems before they arise, develop in new directions and plan for the future through simulations and emulations.

Continuous Commissioning Integration

Using layered ML and AI across the entire environment enable continuous portfolio improvement. With structured data  integration and interrogation from the outset commissioning of new works becomes simple.

Digital Twins

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