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Asset Database for Audits and Maintenance Management

ADAMM is essential for assisting property professionals manage assets, audits and maintenance monitoring to optimize performance, and develop strategic improvement plans based on real data.


Compliance Hazards, Risk, Inclusivity & Security Systemizer


CHRISS offers a proactive approach to risk management and risk mitigation. Creates an exchange with building occupants, prioritizing inclusivity, ensuring wide representation on OH&S matters.

Building Annotation Real-time Recording and Interoperability Exchange Examiner


BARRIEE monitors building automation systems with fault detection platforms to ensure a building is running optimally. Insights delivered by easy-to-understand dashboards to give mapping and data transparency.

Commissioning Activity Matrix Manager


CAMM provides a holistic management system for the commissioning of building services within a property portfolio. Ensures the client intent is maintained and allows password access to contractors. 

Investment Strategy Liability Auditing Analyzer

ISLAA provides an overview to building services quality of a given building and future investment required per asset to maintain optimal building performance.

Legionella and Associated Risk Analysis Assessor

LARAA evaluates baseline risk profile of Legionella according to a building’s type, features and use patterns. Provides analysis of risk elimination measures including specific instructions and budget.

Maintenance Activity Task Tracker


MATT provides an up to date inventory on asset maintenance and collates an accurate record of the works and improvements carried out within a property portfolio.

Office Building Investment Enterprise Evaluator


OBIEE creates a comprehensive property investment database and allows analytical isolation of potential investments, collating data to determine the quality of the building and its building services.



Project Administration Matrix Manager

PAMM is a repository for all projects undertaken across the property portfolio. Creates an easy to view snapshot of all the diverse, cross department projects and can inform op ex and cap ex.

Real-time Enterprise Metering with Integrated Intelligence

REMII enables real-time analysis of energy use per building across the entire property portfolio to develop and implement strategies to achieve sustainability targets.



Social, Environmental, Resilience, Governance Indices Improver

SERGII maintains data on how your business is tracking in terms of sustainability and takes care of all data relating to the social, environmental, resilience and governance (ESG) aspects.

Vertical transport Entrapment and Risks Analysis Assessor

VERAA creates a single source of truth for all vertical transport systems in the portfolio. Incident reporting and lift KPIs can be uploaded to maintain a live analysis of all VT performance.



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