Build-Apps: a game changer

Innovative tools centralise property data to aid decision-making and strengthen information controls.

View the article about Build-Apps published in The Facility Management Association Magazine in June.

Build-Apps Facility Perspectives June Ar
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Build-Apps Co-founder and CEO Liam Murray knew there was a better way for property companies to store, manage and analyse building performance data.

Building owners lacked a single source of truth for their property portfolio because they used Software as a Service (SaaS) providers to hold separate silos of their data.

Murray believed that this fragmented approach was inefficient and costly, and that weakened data controls. ‘One owner had 25 different logins across the company’s lift app, safety app, cleaning app and so on,’ he says. ‘Another was concerned about cybersecurity risk because the data was held with different SaaS providers. One owner could not even identify all the company’s assets in real time because of SaaS data challenges.’

Build-Apps designs and builds customisable apps for large and small property companies. Its technology suite (ADAMM & Co.) has 12 apps for asset management, sustainability, energy usage, risk management, building services, investments, projects and other areas. More apps are being added as Build-Apps develops software that has easy-to-use interfaces, talks to building owners’ other technologies and connects to external data sources. ‘BuildApps’ goal is to provide world-leading analytics for property companies,’ says Murray.

Potential clients and stage-two investors who want to contact Build-Apps as its goes global can visit, or call 07 3161 0730 or 0479 187 297.


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