Meet BARRIEE: Keep your own record of your digital twin

Building Analytics Real-time Recording and Interoperability Exchange Examiner

BARRIEE is the keeper of the Digital Twin, he monitors BMCS and BIM information, delivering easy-to-understand information on a variety of protocols give mapping and data transparency. Many say BARRIEE is a multi-lingual genius who is able to create a roadmap to panacea.

BARRIEE is an Independent BMS and BIM inspector who integrates with building automation/management systems and Building information models to increase interoperability of building asset annotation.

All information can travel both ways between cogs but if one changes, they all change

Client Controls security permissions if contractors aren't performing, they cannot charge an “Exit Ransom”

On setup client can independently verify config is complete

Client is real-time auditing the Data using in-built app analytics

If the following words mean nothing to you then you need to meet BARRIE he can interpret and push info between all these formats.


Project Haystack






ASHRAE Standard 223P

Designation and Classification of Semantic Tags for Building Data provides a dictionary of semantic tags for descriptive tagging of building data including building automation and control data along with associated systems.

Contact Build-Apps as its goes global. Visit or call 07 3161 0730 or 0479 187 297 to find out more.

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