SERGII (Social, Environmental, Resilience, Governance Indices Improver) maintains data on how your business is tracking in terms of sustainability and takes care of all data relating to the social, environmental, resilience and governance (ESG) aspects.

SERGII has been created as a Microsoft 365 App and can be accessed securely allowing review and edit function on any device with internet connection.

More and more REITs and asset owners are required to report to investors on the ESG performance of their portfolio. SERGII can consolidate responses to ESG tools such as GRESB, DJSII, WGBC, CDP (BREEAM, LEED, Green Star, etc.). Effectively SERGII can streamline all your ESG processes.

In particular, Build-Apps has been working closely with WGBC members to create a strategically aligned schema which references the UN SDGs.

By aligning ADAMM’s data with SERGII’s inputs it uncovers unparalleled insights to enable ESG improvement across the entire portfolio with clear alignment to the asset management strategy.

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